What we offer @Coach Bullet Basketball


Listed below are some of the services we are able to provide at Coach Bullet Basketball. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding any of our current services. We will respond at our earliest convenience.

We can organise your Basketball event for you. Whether it be a Corporate or public basketball event, we will cater the event to your specific needs and ensure all participants will enjoy their basketball experience.

At this time, there is a small pool of basketball officials on the island who officiate games for the BSSF. That number is reduced even more for those that officiate adult league games ie. BBA and youth league games. ie. BBYF & BYSP . The vast majority of these officials have either never taken a certification course, or have not taken a refresher exam in the last 5 years. 


The aim of this clinic is to create officials that are knowledgeable, mechanically sound and epitomize the philosophy of "One Rule, One Interpretation".


The Basketball Academy for Girls is available to girls between 10 & 17 years of age. This event will be held for 9 weeks on Friday evenings starting on Friday, September 14 at the Berkeley Institute gymnasium. 

Players will receive instruction in the fundamentals of the game. ie. defence, dribbling, passing, and shooting; all under the guidance of qualified instructors and volunteers.


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The Basketball Academy for Girls

Local Referee Certification

Basketball   Event Planning